How To: A Guide to Using Cup & Carry Co’s Super Simple Design Template

How To: A Guide to Using Cup & Carry Co’s Super Simple Design Template


How To: A Guide to Using Cup & Carry Co’s Super Simple Design Template

Ever ordered something online featuring a logo or design only for it to arrive looking like a hot mess? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there!

Perhaps the printing is patchy, or the design doesn’t work so well once it’s on the item itself. Either way, it’s a headache you definitely don’t want – especially when you’re creating something unique featuring your brand or a personalised design.

Our interactive online design template means you won’t have that issue with our fully custom paper cups and carry bags.

Below, we outline six super simple steps to creating a design you will love in minutes using Cup & Carry Co’s interactive online template.

Forget about visualising your design; see it come to life before your eyes, then tweak elements until it’s exactly what you’re after!

Step 1:

Choose your background colour by clicking ‘Background’, selecting from 25 colours and 4 patterns. Alternatively click on ‘Design’ to choose an alternative finish.

Step 2:

Upload an image or logo, adjusting the size and border using the ‘edit image’ button.

Step 3:

Add text using our straightforward text tool. Then adjust the font, size and colour.

Step 4: 

Choose lid or no lid. If you need lids, choose either the white or black option to complete your design. Otherwise, select ‘no lid’.

Alternatively, you can upload your own completed template.

Step 5:

Select size and quantity. Once you’re happy with your interactive design, select the size and quantity you’re after to generate your order cost.

Step 6:

Place your order. If you need to come back to it, click ‘Save Design’, otherwise select ‘Order Now’ to place your order.

And voila! Your custom cups or carry bags will be with you in a matter of weeks.

So whether you’re a proficient graphic designer or a total design novice, it’s super simple to create personalised cups and carry bags that are less hot mess and more Instagram success!

Try out the template for yourself now and order in minutes.